We believe sustainability is key in terms of best practice around community development and would work with clients to address this throughout the process of our work and as part of our exit strategy.

WSA Community Consultants is committed to offering a high quality service that builds on client relationships. For each project undertaken the team will ensure the client receives the best possible service. The participation of communities and service providers is paramount in our work. We work to ensure that all stakeholders and community groups are given a voice and empowered. We are committed to equal opportunities and operate a policy of anti-discriminatory practice.

We have a high percentage of repeat client work and within the areas we work in we develop sustainable and long lasting relationships with all stakeholders including community activists, community groups, voluntary sector groups, statutory providers and those that work with us as community researchers.

We have proven models for working with members of communities as community researchers and where possible would propose to clients that this model will build the skills and confidence of the local community and has long lasting outcomes for the community.