WSA is an organisation that has built its reputation on the substantial expertise, experience and knowledge in the fields of Community Development, Social Inclusion, Participation and Empowerment. Its focus has been to bring its expertise, best practice and clear deliverable results to the community, voluntary and local government sectors.

Our client centred philosophy is focused upon delivering clear and measurable results of the highest quality standard.

We work in such a manner so not just to fill a knowledge or skill gap but also to effectively allow our clients to learn from our experience and transfer our knowledge so sustainable results can be maintained after any particular project is complete.

We bring many years of practical experience with a diverse range of community groups, organisations and individuals and offer a clear understanding of community development and the skills to undertake complex process based work.

We have worked for statutory bodies to support them in developing community led projects, consultation and community involvement.

We are committed to tackling inequality, proactively encouraging inclusiveness through facilitation of community and organisational participation. Above all we endeavour to work with honesty, integrity, trust and the highest level of professionalism in all our activities.

We are involved in community work on a voluntary basis either within a voluntary sector organisation or our local communities. This fits in with our ethos and values around inclusion, accessibility and participation.

As an organisation we stand by a list of client recommendations that demonstrate that our values represent what we do and that we can make a difference.