WSA Annual Report 2019

We have had a busy and energetic 2019 and hope you have too! This year we’ve continued to collaborate with some inspirational and enthusiastic people and groups on a range of projects, further developing robust and sustainable relationships.

We continue to share learning between projects and look forward to increasing our range of knowledge with regard to what works well and then use this to enhance and support all the projects we’re involved with. We have launched our blog, Community Insights, on our website in order to have a platform for learning and sharing. We also continue to connect communities, organisations and stakeholders with each other where we can see synergy or where it would add value.

Some of our work with communities has involved the delivery of events and workshops for Big Local areas. These include the Measuring Change workshops, which have taken place across the country, and the London Learning Cluster events. The aim of these has been to encourage learning, share ideas between areas and empower local people with the tools they need to make a difference.

In this annual report, we aim to update you on the projects we’ve been involved in during 2019. We also want to acknowledge the local skills, talents and assets in the communities we work with. We continue to link our projects and build knowledge across the sectors in which we’re involved. Our clients and partners have included charities, community groups, voluntary groups and statutory providers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those with whom we’ve worked. It’s been a privilege to see some really great work being delivered to benefit communities.

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