Lekey Leidecker – Project Consultancy and Research Officer

Lekey Leidecker is the new Project Consultancy and Research Officer at WSA Community Consultants. She brings years of community development experience in projects as diverse as rural Tibet to underserved communities in North Philadelphia, USA. She specialises in in distilling data and community efforts into clear, compelling narratives, and supporting people and groups working for change to tell their stories, which she brings to her capacity at WSA Community Consultants. All of her work has instilled a passion and commitment to centring community need to develop lasting, equitable change. Through her skills in facilitation, communication, she is looking forward to supporting projects that help local communities to thrive. 

Headshot of a young woman smiling


Lekey’s work at WSA

  • Local Trust Communities in Crisis research
  • Measuring Change Beechwood Balantyne and Bidston Village
  • Project Support

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