Maher Anjum – Community Development Consultant

Maher has been working with communities in a variety of roles for over 20 years including outreach, development, engagement, facilitator, trainer, evaluation and much more. Key principles and values to Maher’s work with the communities have been evidence based, developing a framework of impact and outcome (Theory of Change), co-design & co-production.  Maher has worked with diverse communities and is committed to enabling the best outcome possible for service users.

In her work, Maher has engaged with variety of stakeholders, from residents, local authority, health authority, business, education institutions and more.

Maher is also experienced in scaling programs and building high profile public-private partnerships to achieve social progress in supply chains, minimize environmental footprint and develop sustainable livelihood opportunities in the UK and internationally.  Research interest is in sustainability practices in fashion and garment manufacturing, circular economy – food, textile, garments, green manufacturing, creative industries, participation, collaboration, co-design/ co-produce.

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