Action Learning is a unique way to tackle real problems or issues in order to get
things done. Action Learning brings individuals together in small groups where they
can explore issues around their direct experience and develop actions around them
through the support and exploratory questions of a group.
This is open to anyone who has a focus on community engagement or community
development as part of their work. The action learning set will be limited to 6 people
plus the facilitator and is a structured and facilitated process that has 5 key

• Issue holders arrive at their own action points and insights about real-life work
• Value comes from hearing others talk through problems and identifying
• Leadership, questioning, listening and decision-making skills are developed
• Learning comes from the topics shared and from reflecting on the group
• A facilitator guides encourages and maintains the structure of the session and
the focus on learning
For those attending we will host 6 sessions and all members will get the opportunity
to fully participate in being issue holders, helping colleagues explore questions,
reflecting on learning This is a great way to develop your skills in reflective practice
and directly feed into to quality and forward actions of your delivery and development
as a community engagement / development practitioner. .


£450 (+VAT) for 6 sessions over 6 months
The Action Learning Set usually costs £600 for the 6 sessions however we are
offering a discount for this set and hope you will join us!

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