Our experience is demonstrated through the diverse work

undertaken around key policy and practice issues:

Community participation

  • Our Place- Providing relationship management and support to ensure that innovation around community needs is addressed  by developing an operational plan to align and devolve services through joined up working for the benefit of local people.
  • Big Local Rep – Direct engagement in six local areas working directly with communities around the establishment of Big Local and supporting the community to get more people involved, set out a community vision including residents researching their own community and a community profile, set up a local partnership consisting of at least 51% residents and develop and implement a Big Local plan for the investment of £1 million in the local area (2011 to current)
  • Pembury Community Mapping – Training of parent community researchers to work with us in undertaking research with diverse communities of parents in these three children’s centre areas to understand needs and priorities (2010)
  • Novas Scarman, Can Do Investment Fund London Pilot – The piloting of three Can Do Investment Fund, small grants funds in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Brent through the support and training of community panels so the grants were allocated by and for the community.  Download the Report here. (2007-08)
  • Fortunegate Community Housing – Interim Community Development Co-ordinator; a generic community development role to engage a range of community groups in a range of services including resident involvement aspects and a new community facility (2006-07)
  • Regent’s Park Estate Environmental Improvement Programme – a community research and participation project to enable the diverse communities living in this north London housing estate to determine an environmental improvement programme. Elements included training and supporting a team of community researchers, an estate-wide Winter Fair consultation event, local media coverage, local resident steering group, a small grants programme (West Euston Partnership and LB Camden Housing, 2002)
  • Regent’s Park Healthy Communities Café – The need for a community café was identified through a range of consultation and community development.  We undertook a feasibility study working with community researchers who we supported, trained and mentored.  (West Euston Partnership, 2002-2003)
  • Sure Start Local Programmes Haringey – A key piece of work was a large-scale research project as part of our work with Sure Start Haringey.  This addressed the support needs and mental well-being of parents from refugee and asylum seeker communities. A direct outcome of this research was the development of inclusion groups including an Albanian family support group, a Turkish-speaking drop-in and story telling group to record the life stories of members, and a French-speaking group to support parents and discuss a range of parenting issues.  All of these projects took a community development approach supporting key members to take leadership roles and in two cases supporting the achievement of Millennium awards to fund the projects.  (Sure Start Haringey 2003 to current)
  • Noel Park Children’s Centre Community Café – a six month development contract to work with local parents to shape, develop and implement a community café for children and families in the new children’s’ centre building.  Parents and carers are involved in a steering group and in working groups to help research and plan all aspects of the café.  (Sure Start Noel Park, 2005)

Research and Reports

  • MMHA- working with Gillian Granville undertaking external evaluations using a range of methods – for instance online surveys, stakeholder interviews, secondary data and workshops. Analysis of data and production of  a report
  • Circle Housing Merton Priory- In collaboration with Community Regen an internal report has been produced with a further public document to follow to explore the impact that the Circle Housing Merton Priory community fund investment of £1 million has had on the local community
  • UnLtd Live case studies – working with Gillian Granville as a partner the development of eight research case studies for UnLtd on Live UnLtd winners tracking the planned outcomes and journeys and particularly what drove them to get involved in their community and social enterprise initially. (2013)
  • Mind Resilience project – Undertaking research and focus groups in Peterborough for the Mind resilience project to help identify and shape needs in working with pere-natal parents to offer support around mental wellbeing. (2013)
  • Parents 1st National Evaluation – working with Gillian Granville undertaking a two year external evaluation using a Theory of Change approach. Evaluating this young social enterprise and the peer interventions supporting pere-natal women (2010-2012)
  • National Youth Volunteering Programme Consultancy Support – Full analysis of support offered to 17 funded NYVP projects including comparative analysis and quantitative and qualitative feedback.  This was a joint project with Compendium consulting (2008)
  • Bruce Grove, Earlsmead and Welbourne Children’s Centres – Full research report on analysis of data from 120 questionnaires and focus group feedback. Collation and presentation of data to a research standard (2007-2008)
  • Needs of vulnerable people in Sheffield City Centre – Action research project to feed into SRB 6 funding planning with vulnerable people in the City Centre of Sheffield including street drinkers, homeless people, etc.  Interviews with vulnerable people and stakeholders, mapping of services, one week monitoring exercise and benchmarking against two other cities. (Vulnerable Peoples’ Task Group 2001)
  • Individual needs of teenage parents living in Lambeth – Mapping of services working with teenage parents and qualitative interviews with young mothers, fathers and grandparents to inform the Sure Start Plus programme and Teenage Pregnancy Strategy (St Michael’s Fellowship, 2002)
  • Making Safer Places Toolkit CD Rom – this CD Rom offers youth workers information, support and group activities to work with young people to carry out safety audits and support groups to campaign for change in their built environment (UK Youth, 2005)
  • Community Engagement Project – research into the sustainability of a Centre for Community Collaboration at the University of Bradford with key stakeholders in the community and statutory sectors and university (University of Bradford, 2005)

Community and Partnership Engagement

  • People’s Health Trust– We have supported small organisations to develop funding applications to meet the People’s Health Trust criteria when funding is open in their area
  • Noel Park Big Local – We have engaged the community in a process to contribute towards a two year plan for their Big local area, worked with community researchers around local need and produced a Big Local profile. We are now supporting the area to implement the early development phase and get staff and a Locally Trusted Organisation in place.
  • East Midlands Healthwatch – Working as part of the CDF team undertaking learning and networking activities to support the engagement of a range of stakeholders in the transition from Links to Healthwatch across the East Midlands (2013 – current)
  • Scarman Novas, Can Do Investment Funds, London Pilot – Training and working with community panels from three community groups to support them in best practice in developing and managing a community grant fund (2007-08)
  • National Youth Volunteering Programme Consultancy Support – Support offered to 10 funded projects through the National Youth Volunteering Project programme by v.  Meetings with a range of staff from projects including Chief Officers, Trustees, workers etc. (2007 – 08)
  • Riverside Community Development Trust – Establishment of a community led organisation to sustain an SRB 5 programme in Lambeth.  Inclusion of a range of stakeholders including community, statutory, voluntary and business.  Working with these groups to support and train a new Board of Directors.  (Renaisi, 2002)
  • Parents’ Forum development programme with local parents including Bengali and Somali parents using complementary therapies, tapestry, small facilitated groups (Sure Start on the Ocean 2002)
  • Achieving Better Community Development Training – Facilitation of two-day course as part of the Community Development Foundation national training programme to a range of workers with varied and diverse experience.  Planning training session to meet needs and ensure an inclusive and participatory approach.  (Community Development Foundation, 2002 to 2006)
  • Community Development Presentation to Sure Start Local Programmes Haringey Managers – Co-ordination of a day seminar to address the vision managers had for community development within their programmes and to share models used for planning and delivery.  (Sure Start Haringey, 2003)
  • Museums, Libraries and Archives London – A capacity building programme with the four borough partnerships of archives, libraries and museums to support them around Neighbourhood Renewal agendas and community development.  Specifically to support them to apply to local NDC programmes to show the value they can add to a Neighbourhood Renewal agenda. A range of community participation projects and workforce development training for the sector(2004-current)

Diversity and Equalities

  • Healthy Borough Programme – management and development of a funding programme to reach diverse communities across Tower Hamlets, outreach and engagement of local community anchors who could communicate in community languages. A range of activities achieved reaching diverse groups (2008 – 2010)
  • Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund – As a consultant with the Community Development Foundation offering support to nine community groups funded through this programme (2007-08)
  • Tottenham Hale Community Mapping – Working with a diverse group of community researchers who spoke key community languages to undertake a community mapping project of the Tottenham Hale ward of Haringey linked to Children Centre development.  Survey of diverse communities to ensure full participation and involvement (2006)
  • Back Lane Community Garden – a consultation with children, young people, local residents and organizations on the creation of the community garden in Back Lane, Whitechapel (Back Lane Residents Group, 2002)
  • Regent’s Park Estate Environmental Improvement Programme – the project findings and subsequent recommendations were framed within the local council regeneration priorities and development plans, as enabling the aspirations of the local community (West Euston Partnership and LB Camden Housing, 2002)
  • Noel Park Turkish and Kurdish Parents Group – the development and establishment of a group for Turkish and Kurdish parents on the Noel Park Estate, north London. Involving direct work with parents, local organizations such as the primary school, play centre, Kurdish Advice Centre and Salvation Army (Sure Start Noel Park, 2003-4)
  • Community Engagement Project – the analysis of this project addressed the challenges facing the City and District of Bradford, i.e. economic deprivation, racial tensions, legacy of the 2001 Bradford riots, the social and economic needs of Black and minority ethnic communities a large proportion of whom are newly arrived to the UK (University of Bradford, 2005)