This section lists publications and reports produced by members of the WSA Community team.

Everyone’s Business Campaign Independent Evaluation Report (2016) Produced with Gillian Granville Associates

Wick Award Community Research Report (2016)

‘Someone in my corner’ an independent evaluation of parents 1st (2012 Granville, Sugarman)

Healthy Borough Programme, Internal Evaluation Community Engagement and Community Led projects (2011 Sugarman)
Evaluation to demonstrate the impact to date of the two rounds of NHS Kensington & Chelsea investment in Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) services (2010 Sugarman, Jarrod)

Croydon Play Analysis Report: (2009, Sugarman, Hind)

Croydon Play Analysis Child-Friendly Report: (2009, Sugarman, Hind)

Can Do Investment Funds London Pilot: Consultation Report (2008, Sugarman)

Curriculum Toolkit, Better Places to Live: UK Youth (2007 Sugarman with Young People from Young Cumbria and Coneygre Youth Arts Centre)

Neighbourhood Renewal Briefing Paper: Archives, Libraries and Museums London (2005 Sugarman, Hind)

LSP’s Advocacy Paper: Archives, Libraries and Museums London (2005 Sugarman, Hind)

A Better Place to Live Toolkit CD Rom, UK Youth (2005 Sugarman)

The individual needs of teenage parents including childcare, Research Report; (2002, Sugarman, Hind, Clement, Ferris, Copperman)

Environmental Improvements Project, Regents Park Estate – Consultation Report (2002, Sugarman, Smith & Hind)