What will this course cover?

This course will cover:
• How do we plan engagement?
• What are the principles and values that underpin engagement?
• What is the role of a community facilitator?
• What are the range of engagement tools you can use? (with an opportunity to
• How do we evaluate engagement?
• What tools and knowledge will I bring away from it?

What tools and knowledge will I bring away from it?

• You will understand the framework around planning and evaluating
community engagement
• You will have knowledge of a range of engagement tools and understand the
context in which they could be used
• You will unpick the role of a community facilitator have the opportunity to
practice these skills
• You will receive a pack with tools and some clear guidance on how to use

What outcomes will this / could this have?

You will be able to understand how good planning around the use of community
engagement tools can support the way that a community contribute to a range of
issues and services. You will be able to understand the benefit of this for services
across sectors and be confident in explaining this to others and transferring the
course content to your practice.

Who is this course for?

This course is for all involved in community engagement and wanting to diversify
their methods of engagement and look at these in a planned and creative way. It is
equally relevant to those from public and voluntary sectors and with a range of
experience or new to this kind of approach.


£200 (+VAT) for voluntary and community groups
£250 (+VAT) for statutory or private sector

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