Client: Wick Award Partnership

WSA Community Consultants is working with Wick Award Partnership as it looks to provide targeted and bespoke support to help local groups in Hackney Wick to build their capacity and sustainability. Some of the groups have received Wick Award Community Chest funding in the past.

The first phase of this work in autumn 2018 is to get to know the groups by building relationships and scoping out their needs in order to develop individual action plans for support and/or intervention and to add value and build confidence and trust. This is very much an organic process as it will respond to the differing groups’ needs and experience.

Carrying on from this into 2019, and based on impressions of the groups’ needs, a core programme of bespoke support, training and information sharing will be delivered.

We’ll then be evaluating the impact of the support given and what has been learned to provide direction on how this will help the groups moving forward, as well as producing a report on capacity building support. The aim is to increase participation of local people and for the groups to be able to attract increased social and economic investment.

Previous projects

In early 2016, WSA worked with Wick Award Partnership to undertake a resident-led community research project, training residents in research methods and enabling them to gain a recognised accreditation for their work. The researchers worked with our team to produce a full report of community needs and priorities across Hackney Wick, and this has been used by the Big Local Partnership to inform their planning.

Publications and reports