Client: Clarion Futures

Working together with Mandy Wilson, WSA has been providing support for 12 community groups across England that have taken on the running of community assets via asset transfer from Clarion housing association and supported by Clarion Futures.

People sitting around table and talking

In transferring assets such as small community centres to be run by community groups and volunteers, the aim is to better engage the local community.

For each group participating in InterAct, we have provided two days of support, dependent on what each group feels it needs, whether that be advice, training, facilitating meetings or something else.

Each group faces unique circumstances, so different methods of community engagement apply. Through an interactive exercise at the launching conference, each group was supported to develop a mini Theory of Change to help residents identify what they want to change for their particular centre, and how they can then plan and evaluate that process of change.

A final conference will take place in January 2019 to evaluate the learning and share stories of what worked and what the groups can learn from each other.

Publications and reports

Clarion Futures InterAct Programme Evaluation Report