Client: Leonard Cheshire Disability

WSA is the external evaluator for Leonard Cheshire Disability on the EVS programme and has worked with stakeholders to develop a Theory of Change to evaluate the EVS overseas volunteering project.

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European Voluntary Service (EVS) is
a longstanding programme bringing volunteers from across Europe to volunteer placements of a year in the UK. This has been implemented by Leonard Cheshire to bring in new volunteers to their residential services to organise activities and events with the residents.

In early 2018, we worked with volunteers, staff and residents to develop a Theory 
of Change to use to evaluate the project and what its aims and indicators of success would be.

We noted that the mechanisms that drive the change work both by supporting residents but also to a lesser extent volunteers and the services themselves. By taking this into account, it will be possible for a more sustainable change to take place for residents.

From September 2018, we have been going back to services and stakeholders to evaluate these changes and look at what’s working well and where there could be further changes. We look forward to continuing this evaluation work in 2019.

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