Client: The Francis Crick Institute

WSA Community Consultants are supporting the Francis Crick Institute’s Public Engagement team in the development of their 2020 exhibition that will focus on cancer. It is the first time that the exhibition has focused on one sole disease area. As such, the Crick wants to ensure that the narrative tone and the design approach is sensitive and appropriate to those with lived experience of cancer.

To achieve this, WSA Community Consultants has worked alongside the Crick’s team to develop, recruit and facilitate a Patient Advisory Panel (PAP) to help inform the Engagement Team’s decisions as well as some aspects of the development of the 2020 exhibition. The PAP is made up of people with lived experiences of cancer; this includes people who have or have had cancer, or who care/have cared for someone with cancer.

Through a series of facilitated workshops, the PAP has been exposed to different elements of the exhibition, from the curatorial themes to the co-design of a public engagement event film screening event. During these workshops, the PAP can feedback and advise the Engagement Team with the aim of informing the development of the exhibition so that it is sensitive to those who have a lived experience of cancer.

WSA initially designed the recruitment materials for the PAP, promoted the opportunity through various channels and managed the entire recruitment process. After the PAP was fully recruited, WSA’s main role was to both manage, design and facilitate the PAP workshops.












The PAP is ongoing with the exhibition due to open in September 2020. For more information see here.