What will this course cover?

• What skills are needed to deliver a positive training experience?
• How do people learn and how can you manage and respond to different
learners needs?
• What is the role of a peer trainer and how can the peer experience build
confidence and identity?
• What facilitation skills can you use to support training?
• What are the range of training tools or ideas you can use for your context?
(with an opportunity to practice!)
• Explore the principles of evaluation and how and why we measure training

Key learning objectives?

Participants will gain a clear understanding of what they need to put in place to
deliver a positive training experience as well as considering different learning styles
and how to create a productive learning environment. Participants will consider the
facilitation skills needed to help in the role. Working in small groups or individually
participants will have the opportunity to practice delivering an aspect or exercise of
training to the rest of the group and constructive peer feedback will be encouraged to
support all learners to implement learning.

Who is this course for?

This course is for all those working with communities or active within their community
who want to expand or develop their understanding of training theory of practice. The
course will support all participants to harness their skills and practice training


£200 (+VAT) for voluntary and community groups
£250 (+VAT) for statutory or private sector

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