What will this course cover?

This course will cover:
• What is community development?
• What are the values and principles that underpin community development?
• What does successful community development look like?
• How can we build on community strengths, assets and needs?
• How does community development address inequality, understand diversity
and build equal and inclusive practice?
• How can we build the confidence of community groups to tackle the issues
that are important to them?

What tools and knowledge will I bring away from it?

• You will understand what community development is, the values and
principles and some of the theory behind it
• You will have some concrete examples of good practice
• You will be more confident in planning around community development
• You will have some clear strategies around approaches that are asset based
• You will have some tools you can use to plan around measuring the impact of
community development

What outcomes will this have / could this have?

You will be better able to explain community development to others and actively
justify a community development approach to a range of agencies. You will also be
more confident in setting up tools to measure and explain the impact of community

Who is this course for?

This course is for community development workers or those with community
development as part of their role from all sectors. It is best suited to those who want
to deepen their knowledge of community development and who want the opportunity
to develop the knowledge and skills that underpins the work.


£200 (+VAT) for voluntary and community groups
£250 (+VAT) for statutory or private sector

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